About Us

The Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya (FPEAK) is Kenya’s premier trade Association representing growers, exporters and service providers in the horticulture industry.

Formed in 1975, when export horticulture was in its infancy, the Association has grown to become Kenya’s foremost sectoral trade asociation. Members of the Association are involved in growing and/or exporting fresh cutflowers, fruits, and vegetables.

FPEAK provides a focal and coordination point for the horticulture export industry. We support growers and exporters by providing technical and marketing information and training, act as an information centre, and run active lobbying and advocacy programes to enhance the sector’s competiveness.

FPEAK is a legal entity registered as a company limited by guarantee. The activities of FPEAK are governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of members actively engaged in exporting business.The Administrative body of the Association is formed by the secretariat, which is responsible for providing services to the members. The Association operates independently and receives support from partners.

To develop, unite and promote the Kenyan horticultural industry in the global market with due regard to safety, good agricultural practices, social,  ethical and environmental responsibilities.

To make Kenyan horticulture the Global choice.

  • Update and implement Kenya Gap to recognized international standards
  • Influence enactment of a facilitative environment for the horticulture industry
  • Create awaereness in the horticulture industry on market requirements, changes and regulations
  • Undertake continuous identification of market opportunities

Board Members

  • List of Board

    Name: Mr. Apollo Owuor
    Position: Chairman
    Email: apollo.owuor@fruitfulfarms.co.ke
    Company: Fruitful Farms Ltd



    Name: Purity Naisho
    Position: Vice Chair
    Email: purity.naisho@interveg.co.ke
    Company: Interveg Exports Ltd



    Name: Ephraim Munene
    Position: Finance Director
    Email: info@equatorialblooms.com; rkarwigi@gmail.com
    Company: Equatorial Blooms Ltd



    Name: Gabriel Chinembiri
    Position: Member
    Email: gabriel.chinembiri@khekenya.com
    Company: Kenya Horticultural Exporters (1977) Ltd


    Name: Dipesh Devraj
    Position: Member
    Email: ddevraj@vegpro-group.com
    Company: Vegpro Kenya Limited


    Name: Geoffrey Mwenda
    Position: Member
    Email: geoffrey@isqc.co.ke
    Company: Meru Greens



    Name: Stephen Wachira
    Position: Member
    Email: wachira@wamu-investments.com
    Company: Wamu Investments Ltd









    List of Board Members at FPEAK

Staff Members



Operations Manager

Anthony Mutiso

Anthony Mutiso


Administration Manager

Catherine Muia

Catherine Muia