Conference facilities The PTC has two (2) conference halls, namely Rosa and Guava, fully equipped with modern state-of-the- art services such as audio, video and seating facilities.

Rosa Conference Hall (Main Hall) can accommodate a maximum of 200 participants at once.

Guava Conference Hall is situated adjacent to the fruits unit. This makes the participants feel as though living in their own corner of a paradise.  The fruit seedlings planted outside the hall make it so green and one feels fresh air flowing inside the conference hall.


PTC training classrooms are within the main Administration Unit. There are 6 classrooms fitted with modern training equipment.  Each class can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants, including the trainer.


The PTC Boardroom is situated within the Administration Block. The Boardroom is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities.  It has an in-house self-service catering facility. Participants can serve themselves tea while still working.  The in-house self-service catering is meant to help participants who don’t want to waste their time going to the PTC cafeteria.  It is also fitted with audio and video facilities. The Boardroom can take up to a maximum of 15 participants.


PTC’s accommodation facility has 13 rooms that can accommodate 52 participants of farmers groups.  Single rooms have two single beds in a room, with the possibility of being converted to cater for four persons in a room on a need basis.  The accommodation facility has two different areas for female and male, with different bathrooms and washrooms fitted with instant hot water heaters. Laundry services are also offered to the residents during their stay at the centre.

The PTC Administration Unit has a catering facility (cafeteria) that offers catering services during conferencing periods. This is not limited to conferences, but is available for any individual who needs to hold a conference at PTC.  The cafeteria is also opened to walk-in customers and operates throughout the week (Monday to Saturday). It does not offer alcohol for sale.  PTC staff from all other units also use the restaurant for their meals at a subsided fee.  The Catering Unit has very highly qualified staff who have undergone training in the hospitality industry.  The Unit staff can also be hired for outside catering services, which are mainly conducted within the PTC grounds. The PTC kitchen is fully equipped with modern kitchen equipment, which makes it possible for the staff to prepare the delicious food they have been serving.

PTC has grounds that can be hired for any occasion so long as the individual using the grounds obtains proper authorization from NEMA if it is deemed that the event would cause noise within the vicinity.  There are three (3) separate grounds that can be used concurrently.  These grounds are mainly used for weddings, graduation parties and get- together parties for organizations, families and schools. Christian-based organizations have also been using the grounds for their quiet retreats or church camping. Students from the surrounding universities have also been using the grounds for camping.   Security cannot be compromised and the PTC compound is secured with an electric fence and an effective security unit with trained dogs. The security unit works together with the Administration Police and Chief to make sure the centre is well protected.   The Centre is fitted with a self-starting generator to avoid power interruptions.