kenya GAP 


KenyaGAP is an FPEAK owned standard on Good Agriculture Practice, which targets horticulture farmers in Kenya. It takes into consideration the internationally accepted practices in growing fresh produce that will result in food that is safe to eat for the consumer, while ensuring conservation of the environment as well as the health and safety of those doing the production.

KenyaGAP is the FPEAK code of practice for members, who must adhere to its principles.

It has two scopes:

  • Domestic Scope
  • International Scope

The international scope is Benchmarked to GLOBLAGAP.

The Domestic scope is of use to local producers and is a stepping stone to international compliance.


KenyaGAP Certificates can be sought for groups of farmers or individual farmers.
This can be achieved by:

  • Filling in and submiting an application form giving details of name and location, and crops grown.
  • Undertaking the baseline audit by a KenyaGAP Internal Auditor. The Auditor will give a report advising on what you will need to do on the farm to fully comply, including time frame and budget.
  • Undergoing a training on GAP at FPEAK.
  • Undertaking an internal audit by FPEAK Farm Auditor, or by own auditors if trained.
  • Undergoing final certification audit from an approved certification body (for International Scope)

The costs of certification will vary, depending on the number of audits the grower will have to undertake. The minimum is 2, but most will require three (Baseline audit, internal audit, and final audit). Each audit will cost Ksh5,000 per day where carried out by the FPEAK auditors. Where carried out by external auditors it will cost up to 80,000 per day.

KenyaGAP certification ensures your customers of good quality produce, with a guarantee of safety, whether on pesticides or issues such as GMO and disease. It also proves to the world that you are environmentally conscious and care about your workers.

Supermarkets around the world, including Kenya, now require certification of produce from their suppliers. KenyaGAP therefore offers you a good marketing tool for your vegetables and fruits.