The vegetable unit offers practical training to farmers, agronomists, researchers, students and managers on various aspects of horticulture production.

These include:

  • Vegetables Crop husbandry- local & export
  • Good agricultural practices, Audit techniques
  • Crop disease and pests management
  • Harvest and post-harvest handling and management
  • Irrigation and crop water management
  • Safe use of agrochemicals
  • Production quality control and documentation
  • Agribusiness and marketing skills for domestic and export vegetables
  • Nursery management


The Vegetable Unit is involved in the development of horticulture technologies that are critical to growers. These include crop variety trials, pest control (IPM) technologies, greenhouse production, plant nutrition and soil fertility technologies. They are conducted in collaboration with industry technology stakeholders (such as KARI, UNEP, and others).