KIEP 250+ SME Grant Funded Technical Assistance Programme

KIEP 250+ aims to increase productivity, innovation and enhance market linkages within established Kenyan SMEs. This will be through grant funding to select firms to improve their managerial and technical skills, and their access to and use of technology. The first Call for Applications (CFA) officially launched on the 20th of November 2020, deadline is 19th of December.

Agriculture being one of the targeted sectors, this will be beneficial to FPEAK’s members. In addition, the applicants will be endorsed by FPEAK:

Eligible SMEs are firms

§ Who have been nominated by lead firms or other third parties such as financial institutions or industry associations;
§ Whose annual turnover falls between KES 50m-1b (USD $0.5m and USD $10m). This turnover may be from the previous financial year, or an average annual turnover from the previous three years;
§ Priority will be given to SMEs in the big 4 agenda sectors; Affordable Housing, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Food Security;
§ Who may have export potential;
§ Whose management is committed to participating in the program
§ Who are incorporated in Kenya and have been in existence for at least two years, and are not insolvent;
§ Who are able to present audited financial statements for the last 3 years

Attached are 3 separate files on KIEP 250+ with more information for the SMEs; the link for SMEs to apply is


2. KIEP 250+ Apply Now

1. SMEs FLYER (20Nov20)

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