Notification of Reduced Plant Health Checks for Certain Products

Commission Regulation (EC) 1756/2004 specifies the detailed conditions for the evidence required and the criteria for the type and level of the reduction of the plant health checks of certain plants, plant products or other objects listed in Part B of Annex V to Council Directive
Following the application of the criteria laid down in Regulation 1756/2004, through a methodology developed in a Commission Working Group on 19 October 2004, and after consultation with the Plant Health Standing Committee on 22 October 2020, certain products from specified countries of origin, shall be subject to at least a minimum level of plant health checks. The list of products subject to reduced inspections, their countries of origin and the minimum percentage of consignments to be inspected, is annexed to this notification. The
reduced level of inspection shall apply from the date specified in the table and shall be applied until revised by the Commission.

This notification constitutes publication of the list referred to in Article 2.2.of Regulation (EC) No 1756/2004 in accordance with Article 2.3 of that Regulation.

Brussels, 22 October 2020