• FPEAK CEO Mr. Hosea Machuki, KFC CEO Mr. Clement Tulezi and FPC Kenya CEO Mr. Okisegere Ojepat look on as KEPROBA CEO Dr. Wilfred Marube signs the IMC strategy for 2020/2021.
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Making Kenyan horticulture the global choice

French Beans - Advocacy and Lobbying

Advocacy & Lobying

FPEAK influences and advocates for a conducive national and international business environment, policies, tariffs and trade agreements on behalf of its members and the horticulture industry in Kenya.

Advocacy & Lobbying
Avocado - Marketing


FPEAK links its growers and members to national and international markets. This is made possible through creating direct market linkages, supporting members to attend national and international trade fairs and providing timely market information.


E - Learning Resources

Welcome to the interactive FPEAK e learning portal. Click on the portal link to access the various self-service options and programmes for members.

E - Learning Resources
Mango - Capacity Building

Capacity Building

FPEAK partners with development agencies and other stakeholders to enhance growers, exporters and service providers capacity along the horticulture value chain.


Capacity Building
Roses - Compliance and Standards

Compliance & Standards

FPEAK with other stakeholders supports members to comply with national and international market requirements and conventions (official and private standards). FPEAK collaborates with standard owners and implementers to bring compliance closer to Kenyan producers through participation in interpretation and harmonization of standards.

Compliance & Standards

Our Structure

FPEAK is a legal entity registered as a company limited by guarantee.
The activities of FPEAK are governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of members actively engaged in exporting business.
The Administrative body of the Association is formed by the secretariat, which is responsible for providing services to the members.
The Association operates independently and receives support from partners.

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