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Enhancing Market Access for Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs in Kenya


Part 1 – FPEAK CEO Discussing the ‘Avocado Craze’


Part 2 – FPEAK CEO Discussing the ‘Avocado Craze’


Fruits and Vegetables Conference 2017 Proceedings


French Bean Farmers on the Benefits from SMAP Training, Embu


Fruits & Vegetables Conversation from the School of Monetary Studies 2017


Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs Documentary 2018

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs Promotional Video 2018


Fruits & Vegetables Expo and Conference 2017


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FPEAK has really helped us achieve our goals. As a farmer, the association members help us market our produce at international export markets and also constantly help us build capacity through various training sessions on food safety, good agricultural practices among others.

French bean farmer

Making Kenyan horticulture the global choice