Benefits of Membership

Here are some of the benefits of FPEAK membership

  1. Exporters of fresh produce enjoy a favorable business environment both locally and internationally, because FPEAK intervenes in the trade, policy and tariff framework through public private partnership with the government and international stakeholders.
  2. Small scale farmers who are key elements in the horticulture value chain have their capacity enhanced through various training programmes such GAP’s, KS1758
  3. Members enjoy market linkage through timely market information dissemination that enables them to seize the available opportunities and therefore expand their markets.
  4. Provides support to the new entrants of the fresh produce export business step by step guidance on what they need to do to achieve their goal. For example, FPEAK helps members through the certification process which is a requirement by the market.
  5. We offer technical assistance to members especially in areas of farm assessments and audits, post-harvest processes which are all critical for compliance to standards.
  6. FPEAK is an umbrella body where all members can speak with one voice in matters affecting them as compared to when acting individually or as a small group.
  7. When one becomes a member of FPEAK, they play a role in ensuring quality in the traceability system because they are visible in the value chain and therefore become more socially responsible.
  8. For sustainability, it is now a best practice that fresh produce businesses looking for a sustainable market must belong to a known private trade association.
  9. Social responsibility, belonging to an association gives a member greater privileges that accrue to promoting social integration in the industry.
How can we help you?

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FPEAK has really helped us achieve our goals. As a farmer, the association members help us market our produce at international export markets and also constantly help us build capacity through various training sessions on food safety, good agricultural practices among others.

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